Portfolio Analysis

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To determine the relevance of patented technologies in relation to market products, portfolio analysis can be used to categorize patents according to the technology and rank the patents based on technology. It is possible to include licensing and infringement opportunities in the Portfolio Analysis study based on the client's requirements.


A patent categorization system enables strategic decisions to be made based on an in-depth analysis of an organization's patents. Patents that can be sold or abandoned are among the decisions made, followed by identification of licensing opportunities and formulating future R&D activities.

  • Focus on areas in your portfolio that you are strong at
  • Develop a patenting strategy to match your R&D investment
  • Create synergy between your product line and patent portfolio
  • Analyze your patent portfolio for unused patents you can out-license

Inventors can use portfolios as a guide to selecting patents to expand or evolve, understanding the most valuable patents, and monetizing: licensing, selling, and patent litigation.