Acquiring new clients can be a risky business as it involves huge costs and resources to be employed. Moreover, the risks that emerge from acquiring the wrong customer can be catastrophic for your business’ finances as well as reputation. Virtue Legal Services provide Know Your Customer services which are seamless enough to integrate with your business processes with ease. We also provide exhaustive Know Your customer and due diligence services towards your new as well as current third party relationships. Some of our KYC/Due Diligence Services include but are not limited to :



Consultants assist organizations in verifying the identity of their customers by conducting thorough checks on personal or business information provided. They employ various methods, such as document verification, identity database checks, and screening against watchlists or sanctions lists, to ensure that customer identities are valid and not associated with any illicit activities.



Consultants conduct comprehensive due diligence on customers or business partners who pose higher risk profiles due to factors such as their industry, geographical location, or business activities. They gather additional information beyond basic KYC requirements, such as beneficial ownership details, reputation assessments, and media searches, to assess potential risks and identify any red flags that may warrant further investigation.



Consultants assist organizations in complying with applicable regulations, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) laws. They help establish robust KYC and due diligence policies and procedures aligned with regulatory requirements. Consultants also provide guidance on conducting ongoing monitoring of customer relationships and implementing processes for reporting suspicious activities to regulatory authorities.



Consultants conduct due diligence on third-party vendors, suppliers, or service providers to assess the risks associated with engaging in business relationships with them. They verify the legitimacy of the third party, evaluate their financial stability, assess their compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and identify any potential conflicts of interest or reputational risks.



Consultants assist organizations in developing risk assessment frameworks and scoring models to evaluate the risk levels associated with their customers or business partners. They help establish criteria for risk categorization and assign risk scores based on factors such as geographic location, industry, legal structure, or adverse media coverage. Consultants may also provide recommendations on risk mitigation strategies.



Consultants leverage data analysis techniques and technology solutions to streamline and automate KYC and due diligence processes. They help organizations implement software tools for identity verification, data screening, and risk assessment. Consultants may also provide guidance on data integration, data quality management, and analytics capabilities to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of KYC/due diligence processes.



Consultants offer training programs and workshops to educate employees on KYC and due diligence best practices. They provide guidance on recognizing and addressing potential risks, understanding regulatory requirements, and conducting thorough customer due diligence. Consultants may also assist in developing internal policies and procedures related to KYC and due diligence.


Our goal is to enable the client's businesses and organizations to establish robust KYC and due diligence processes, enhance risk management capabilities, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our services vary depending on the firm's expertise, the industry in which the business operates, and the specific KYC and due diligence needs of the organization.


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