Know the market before your product actually hits the market. We’re going to provide you with a crystal clear picture about potential litigation threats. If need arises, we can help you in clearing those impediments by providing you with proposals to design around existing patents.


Let’s see a glimpse at our how our report turns out to be:


And that's not all, When you choose us for your services you get ; 

  • A thorough search of the vast patent literature to locate potentially offensive patents.
  • Exhaustive searching uncovers patent claims that overlap with the technologies, features, and benefits of your new products.
  • All the references and information is and always will be self-explanatory
  • Researcher’s insights and comments at every step of analysis so that you don’t get burdened with information.


• We provide our clients with a quick and easy way to check on their inventions.

• We search commercial patent databases and limit our search to three major filing jurisdictions: the United States, the European Union, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (customizable depending on the client's decision)


Why Choose Us?

1. We provide our clients with a quick and easy way to check if their invention has the potential to be patented by performing. Our searches focus specifically on the novelty aspect of their invention.

2. Highly Experienced Law professionals in amalgamation with diversified teams with strong technical backgrounds in various fields.

3. Our Prices are Highly competitive.

4. We are discreet and we deliver on time.

5. Your privacy is our responsibility.

6. We keep you in the loop.

7. Our teams don’t break a sweat, no matter how much volume of work you throw towards our side.


You will be getting all of the above. And guess what! We offer discounts and competitive pricing as well.