Trademark Counselling

We at Virtue Legal Services help you all the way from applying for a Trademark and also are present at your service when you need file for an office action.




Services offered by virtue legal services encompasses :

• Guidance For Branding And Trademark Selection

• Thorough Analysis Through Trademark Clearance Searches

• Conducting Trademark Audits

• Procurement Of Federal And State Trademarks

• Management Of Trademark Acquisition And Licensing

• Efficient Management Of Trademark Portfolios

• Guidance On Correct Utilization And Marking

• Ongoing Monitoring Services

• Managing Third-party Procedures Such As Letters Of Protest, Oppositions, And Cancellations

• Undertaking Enforcement Measures And Resolving Conflicts

• Provision Of Trademark Selection, Clearance, And Procurement Services Tailored For The Cannabis Industry.


We provide guidance to numerous companies on their complete range of international trademark requirements, safeguarding the reputation of some of the globe's renowned brands spanning diverse industries. Our extensive understanding of your prominent hurdles, competitors, and market intricacies empowers us to tailor our counsel, assisting you in achieving enhanced outcomes.

On a global scale, we expedite actions by seamlessly coordinating international efforts across our offices in the US and Europe. When confronted with your most intricate trademark concerns or the need for expedited filings, our unparalleled 24/7 collaboration sets us apart.


Why Choose Us?

1. We provide our clients with the solutions.

2. Highly Experienced Law professionals in amalgamation with diversified teams with strong technical backgrounds in various fields.

3. Our Prices are Highly competitive.

4. We are discreet and we deliver on time.

5. Your privacy is our responsibility.

6. We keep you in the loop.

7. Our teams don’t break a sweat, no matter how much volume of work you throw towards our side.


You will be getting the above services and guess what ! We offer discounts and competitive pricing as well.