A patent is a right granted by the government to an individual or an enterprise that allows them to prevent individuals or companies from making, using, selling, or importing the patented product or process without their consent or approval. Obtaining a patent for your invention begins with filing a patent application at the Patent Office. The patent office requires a number of forms to be completed in order to request a patent. During the patent application process, the Patent office asks for technical details of the invention along with other details. In the first step, precise technical information about the invention must be written in a certain format. It is also necessary to provide details about the inventor and applicant.



1. Title.

2. Detailed Descriptions

3. Claims

4. Abstract

5. Summary

6. Drawings

7. Background


All the points discussed above must be precise, self explanatory, understandable to the person skilled in the art and must adhere all the rules with respect to the territorial jurisdiction.


Since patents are territorial rights, the draft application itself explains how patent protection would be more beneficial. Filing a patent application is a basic requirement of every country. The granting of a patent and thus patent protection is necessary. Filing applications in many countries is a financial source for legal entities, in some it is the uncertainty of the potential success of the invention.


During filing, the patent attorney has the responsibility and liability to present all the information in the given specification, which the inventor uses his best method of easy access mechanism to develop. The record shall not contain false or misleading statements intended to mislead the person to whom the specification is intended and to make it difficult for him to understand and construct the invention by disregarding proper tests and experiments. It must be evident from the filing of the patent that it is useful, certain points relating to its utility must be in the specification. If the chronicle is not filled in properly, it may be invalid.


It is the duty of the inventor to properly provide all information to the patent agent of his invention and not to withhold any information that could lead to a later lawsuit, which should be legal for the duration of the patent. Regardless of the content that the inventor presents to the patent attorney, whether it is drawn or in very good language, the patent attorney will build his application based on it. When preparing the application, the patent attorney should require the inventor's artwork or facts before his work, it may be helpful for him to properly draft the application. The patent attorney entered the correct address, correct jurisdiction and place of work in the application. Which must appear in the application? The right to an invention can be individual or its transfer to a company or other, for such things the patent agent must be very effectively written in the application, there is no doubt about that .


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