A design patent is sort of legal document ensuring security granted for the artistic and aesthetic suit of an operational product. A design patent lasts for 15 Years (time duration depends upon different territorial jurisdictions) from the date of grant. A design patent search empowers the authentic owner to find out and eliminate (via legal actions) others from creating, utilizing, or selling the said patented design. A Design Patent Search is enables to locate and identify available design patents in the public domain.


The design for an product, (or article, apparatus etc.) consists of the visual characteristics of an article. The design can be related to:


•Surface or Ornamental appearance.

•Or it could be a combination of the above two.


Just submit your design in the form of:

•Hand drawn sketch (with clear Novel features)

•Software enabled/drawn sketches.

•A snapshot/picture of the design (in case already manufactured).

•Any look alike image from the internet but with the distinctive (novel) modifications clearly shown.


With our in house team, we can also help our clients realize their design illustrations/ figures in accordance to the patent office formats for your patent drafting needs.


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