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Patent landscaping offers a snapshot of the innovations occurring in a specific area of technology at any given time, but it can also provide insight into where technology is headed. Performing a Patent Landscape Analysis consists of sketching the details of the current technology as well as the market trends in the domain in question. Additionally, one can also obtain a competitive analysis of the past, present, and future trends in the concerned technical space that is instrumental for planning and developing research strategies. Furthermore, this facilitates the identification of white spaces in the domain of technology.


Let’s see a glimpse at our how our report turns out to be.


The technology search is carried out on commercial technology databases. The search starts with relevant keywords and their synonyms which is followed by a class-based search, and company/ assignee identification. The number of the relevant references depends upon the nature of the invention. Broad or old technologies can lead to thousands of results while narrow or new technologies can give hundreds or some time tens of references. Once the search is completed, the relevant technologies are analyzed thoroughly and the valid ones are bucketed under a well thought technology tree also known as taxonomy. The reports in addition to the categorized technology search, also contains relevant trends and insights to easily understand the current position of the technology in question that can help taking important decisions.



• We provide our clients with a quick and easy way to check if their invention has the potential to be patented.

• We search commercial patent databases and limit our search to three major filing jurisdictions: the United States, the European Union, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (customizable as per client's needs).

• Besides patent applications and issued patents in the US and foreign patent offices, our specialists review a range of relevant non-patent literature, such as journal articles, scientific reports, magazines, blogs, and forums for other desired searches as well.


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