Patent Drawings & Illustrations

When submitting a patent application, the application must include drawings. For the average person to understand a patent application, it is important to have a drawing/diagram. Drawings in a patent application serve as clear illustrations of a patent application, which makes it more likely that the examiner will be convinced and the process will be faster.

In most cases, a patent applicant must present a patent drawing of the invention to prove the invention's invention when the nature of the case demands a drawing. Patent drawings must accompany application submissions. In many cases, a drawing may also be helpful in the case of processes, but practically all inventions do not involve compositions of matter or processes.

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Types of Patent Drawings and Illustrations:

Illustrations of utility patents

Drawings of design patents

Exploded Drawings

Graphical Drawings

Flow chart Illustrations

Depending on the nature of the project, we can utilize basic hand sketches, CAD files, image files, electronic documents (PDF, MS Office...), renderings, photographs, verbal or written instructions, videos, printed media, blueprints, and even invention samples.