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Claim Charts are used to document patent infringement. Typically, a Claim Chart is a 2- column document in which a specific section of a claim is highlighted as having been infringed. There are pieces of evidence that show the infringing product does indeed "read" on the Claim directly beside the Claim on the right side of the page.

Initial Infringement Analysis: This service analyzes all products that may infringe on the patent but also examines a wide variety of related products. In the end, the analysis generates a list of possible infringing products and ranks each based on a low, medium, or high probability of infringement. Initial Infringement Analysis assists in focusing your efforts, preventing you from wasting time and resources on unlikely infringers.

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Development of Claim Charts: On the basis of the Initial Infringement Analysis results, the patent owner will decide which specific products will have to be fully researched and documented in Claim Charts as infringing the patent. It is only after you review the Initial Infringement Analysis that you can determine how many Claim Charts you need. In some cases, a Claim Chart may be ordered one time or two times, then additional ones ordered based on the results.

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There are two types of patent interface mapping: patent to standards mapping and patent to product mapping. Using the Patent to Standards method, researchers investigate whether a patent covers any existing or proposed technical standards. A technical specification is created for every patent claim element following that. In EOU or Patent to Product method, researchers determine products, systems, or services present in the market that have similar product features with the patent claim elements. Thereafter, they map each patent claim element to the corresponding feature of the product/service.

Claim charts are used in a number of patent evaluation cases. The claims evaluation cases include patent infringement analysis, invalidity analysis, patent licensing, and claim construction arguments. Claim charts are useful for providing confirmation or dis-confirmation that the limitations of the claim are all present in a product, service, or standard. An invalidity chart helps litigators determine whether a claim is novel if compared to the prior art.