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Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Services

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Litigation Support

Litigation Support

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Business Enablement

Business Enablement

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Merger And Acquisition

Merger And Acquisition

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Legal Research & Analysis

Legal Research & Analysis

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Deposition Reports & Services

Deposition Reports & Services

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Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services

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Consulting and others

Consulting and others

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Managed Document Review

Review Often referred to as document review—is the process by which teams of attorneys evaluate the processed data for responsiveness, attorney-client privilege, work product protection, and other sensitive information. Legal teams then red act and log this information before producing the data.

Data Breach Response

A data breach occurs when personal information is subjected to unauthorized access or disclosure, or where the information is lost and unauthorized access or disclosure is likely to occur.


Organize the collected data and prepare a comprehensive response to the DSAR. This may involve redacting sensitive information, summarizing complex data, or providing explanations where necessary.

Paralegal Services

VLS offers businesses, legal departments, and law firms round-the-clock, highly-trained paralegal service with the utmost attention to quality at a reasonable cost and with a speedy turnaround. We are a reliable partner because of our extensive industry knowledge, 24/7 operations, and guaranteed data security and confidentiality.

Contract Management Services

Contracts are essential to the continued operation of business. Due to geographically dispersed offices, fragmented databases, and a variety of stakeholders with disparate needs, many organizations fail to manage contract performance, which results in income leakage, increased costs, missed deadlines, legal & regulatory non-compliance, etc.

Knowledge Management Services

With a professionally equipped team, Virtue Legal Services aims at dispensing legal and business knowledge management inquiries. Knowledge management services encourage high quality and efficient output for a business. We ensure that services such as data management, data stewardship, anti- money laundering checks, and news management among other such services are delivered with utmost precision and their compatibility with the project execution is maintained.

Business Compliance Support Services

Amidst the complex regulator requirements, business compliance can be tiresome. With the help of owned data, sophisticated software, and proficient service options, Virtue Legal Services offers clients to relish the advantages of total compliance while saving personnel hours as well as their budget for more core operations. We proudly specialize in elaborate licensing and entity management for our clients and provide support services at every stage of the enterprise lifecycle. We get across the intricacy and defend your business compliances so your business can strive with certainty.

Research Management Services

Conducting and optimizing sensitive research and managing the information accordingly can prove very beneficial for a business in minimizing their legal as well as operational risks. Experienced legal research analysts conduct the requested search and research queries. Researching previous proceedings of the law, analyzing newer legislation, supporting even wider and more complex legal researches, and using aggregation tools for analysis are a few Research Management Services offered by Virtue Legal Services.

KYC/ Due Diligence Services

Acquiring new clients can be a risky business as it involves huge costs and resources to be employed. Moreover, the risks that emerge from acquiring the wrong customer can be catastrophic for your business’ finances as well as reputation. Virtue Legal Services provide Know Your Customer services which are seamless enough to integrate with your business processes with ease. We also provide exhaustive Know Your customer and due diligence services towards your new as well as current third party relationships.

Data Breach Response Services

Data breaches are now more prevalent than ever, irrespective of the size of an organization. To brace the cybersecurity stance, a company must set up a data breach response plan in order to train your organization for the probable worst case scenarios. Virtue Legal Services offers unparalleled resources and skill sets to remedy the data breach situations of our clients. An expert counsel and implementation of data breach response plan can result in minimizing or eradicating the data breach risks altogether.

Assess Value and Risk with Abstraction of Key Terms

When assessing the value of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the context of business transactions, several factors come into play. The value assessment involves evaluating both the potential benefits and risks associated with the transaction.

Conduct Analysis for Renegotiation

Sometimes you have to open the books and go back to renegotiate the terms. Most of the inventors, assignees, startups face these problem and let’s face it even the established organization try to go around it because it may lead to something that you are not willing to agree for. That is when you need to conduct analysis for renegotiation and who better to do it than Virtue Legal Services.

Integration of Incoming Contracts With Systems, Processes, and Standards

Integrating incoming contracts with systems, processes, and standards is a crucial aspect of effective contract management. This integration involves aligning contract terms and conditions with an organization's existing infrastructure, workflows, and compliance requirements. By doing so, organizations ensure that contracts are managed, monitored, and executed efficiently within their established framework.

Migration of Contracts

The process which enables to move your existing contracts, and their data, into a new contract management platform is known as Migration of Contracts. This task is simple and complicated at the same time.

Licenses, Permits and, Approvals

A merger is when at least two or more entities reach a agreement to combine as one entity in form of a new entity or organization. In an acquisition, no new company or organization forms, but one company takes over all of the operational management decisions of another company. In both the cases you are going to have to verify and apply for the Licenses or permits and approvals under the new name or in the event of change of operational command. Virtue legal services helps you realize your goals to get the required Licenses, permits and approvals.

Assignment of Contracts

If a company merges with another company or if a company acquires another company then it is highly recommended to perform due diligence. It will help you to review all the business contracts to ensure that they are assignable to the new business entity.

Pre/Post litigation assisted research

Prior to initiating litigation and even afterwards the litigation has been initiated, it is important to establish understanding along with acceptable and reasonable supporting evidence for a cause of action. Although there are a lot of legal solutions out there for the same but choosing the right one is all that matters.

Tracking Federal or State legislation for Corporate compliance

Tracking federal or state legislation is a critical aspect of corporate compliance to ensure that businesses adhere to the laws and regulations governing their operations. Staying informed about new or revised legislation enables organizations to assess their compliance obligations and take necessary actions.

Analyzing Acts/Statute/Legislations, Orders, rules, regulations, provisions etc.

Analyzing acts, statutes, legislations, orders, rules, regulations, provisions, and similar legal documents is an essential task for understanding their implications and ensuring compliance. These are what establish the base of contracts and other legal binding documents. By carefully analyzing acts, statutes, legislations, orders, rules, regulations, provisions, etc.

Treaties, Conventions, International Agreements, Protocols etc.

Legal research and analysis of treaties, conventions, international agreements, and protocols require a comprehensive approach that considers the text, context, practice, and interpretation of these documents. By conducting thorough research and analysis, individuals and organizations can gain a deep understanding of international legal obligations and effectively navigate the complex landscape of international law.

Case law research and analysis

With our team of attorneys who are perfectly aligned with not only U.S law but with International Law as well, we offer a focused, process-driven and quantitative approach with each and every project. We take over the research and analysis of the case so that you do not have to spend unnecessary time on them. Let us worry on your behalf.

Medical Malpractice

Deposition reports and services play a crucial role in medical malpractice cases by providing detailed accounts of witness testimony, expert opinions, and relevant evidence. Virtue Legal Services help you prepare for whatever the opposition has to throw your way.

Breach of Contract

Deposition reports and services are vital components in breach of contract cases, providing valuable evidence and testimonies that help establish the facts and support legal arguments. It's considered very important to consult with legal professionals for specific guidance and that is what we do exactly & not lonely that we advice you strategies specifically tailored to your situation and needs. Although it is tough to go against one of your own but it must be done.

Insurance Cases

Deposition reports and services play a significant role in insurance cases by capturing witness testimony, establishing facts, and providing evidence for claims or defenses. Details matter and even more so in the matter of insurance, that is why it is in your best interest to let Virtue Legal Services handle all the work for you, we save you the trouble and the job done.

Personal Injury

Deposition reports and services are invaluable tools in personal injury cases, providing a detailed account of witness testimony and supporting the evidence and arguments presented. They aid attorneys in building a strong case, negotiating settlements, and presenting their arguments effectively in court.

Wrongful Termination

Deposition reports and services are critical in wrongful termination cases, as they provide a comprehensive record of witness testimony, help gather evidence, and support the claims made by the terminated employee. They aid attorneys in building a strong case, negotiating settlements, and presenting their arguments effectively in court.

Case Management

Virtue Legal Services’ Paralegal services in case management encompass a wide range of tasks and responsibilities aimed at supporting attorneys in effectively managing their legal cases. Our Paralegal Service offered in case management are customized depending upon the clients, projects, practice area, and the nature of the legal cases being handled.

Proofreading & Reviewing documentation

Our Paralegal services in proofreading and reviewing documentation involve thorough examination and analysis of legal documents to ensure accuracy, clarity, and adherence to legal standards.

Legal Coding & Legal Content Support

Virtue Legal Services’ Paralegal services in legal coding and legal content support involve tasks related to organizing and managing legal information, data, and content. These services aid in efficient retrieval, analysis, and utilization of legal materials.

Discovery Preparation

Virtue Legal Services’ Paralegal services in discovery preparation involve various tasks aimed at assisting attorneys in the process of gathering and organizing information relevant to a legal case. Our services aid in the efficient and effective discovery process.

Legal documentation

Virtue Legal Services’ Paralegal services in legal documentation involve various tasks related to the creation, review, and management of legal documents. These services support attorneys in preparing accurate and well-crafted legal materials.

Data Management & Corporate services

Virtue Legal Services’ Paralegal services in data management and corporate services involve tasks related to organizing, maintaining, and managing legal data and information within a corporate setting. These services support efficient data management and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Preparing Agreements and Contracts (business and other kind)

Paralegal services in preparing agreements and contracts involve tasks related to the drafting, reviewing, and finalization of legal documents that outline the rights, obligations, and terms of a business arrangement. These services support attorneys in creating well-crafted and legally binding agreements.


Our consulting services offered to corporates encompass a range of legal assistance and guidance tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses. These services are typically provided by law firms or legal consulting companies specializing in corporate law.


Virtue Legal Services’ Consulting services for corporates in the finance sector encompass a wide range of offerings aimed at supporting businesses in effectively managing their financial operations, optimizing performance, and making informed strategic decisions. These services, provided by consulting firms specializing in finance, cover various aspects of financial management and strategy.

Real Estate

Virtue Legal Services’ Consulting services for corporates in the Real estate industry encompass a range of specialized offerings designed to support businesses in navigating the complexities of the real estate market, optimizing their operations, and making informed strategic decisions. Our services specializing in real estate, cover various aspects of real estate management, investment, strategizing and development.

External Relationship Facilitation

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Contract Reviews

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Contract Abstraction And Migration

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Contract Review And Redline

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Contract Administrations

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Report is quite satisfactory. Each assignee, competition and inventors have been detailed properly. I don’t need to review much. Your team did a good job. Results are very helpful. I know we’ll be doing more business soon.

Thomas Mosby


VLS has been used by our firm as a steady, high-quality provider of various invalidity and validity searches for many years. We are very satisfied with their services.

Aaron Smith

Sr. Patent Attorney

VLS has been my first choice when it comes to Infringement Searches. I have worked with them on many patent search projects and being one of the premier search firms since 2010, I strongly recommend them.

Jessica Winchester

Sr. Partner

We were happy with our experience and appreciate the effort that went into the process. It seemed well thought out and thorough. We are likely to use VLS services again in the future. Thank you & to your team for all their efforts.

Jaden Williams

Sr. Patent Attorney

I have been pleased with each piece of work VLS has done for me. They always fulfill the brief and return a quality report that represents good value for the client.

Dana Zane

Sr. Patent Attorney



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