"Maximize Outcomes, Minimize Disputes: Strategic Arbitration Solutions"


For legal matters where litigation does not do the trick, specialized arbitrators are required to take the stage. With years of experience and specialized expertise in the legal landscape, Virtual Legal Services offers the services of our skilled arbitration and mediation specialists. Arbitration services such as identifying alternate solutions towards resolutions of disputes, tie various scenarios with legality, and proceed with diligence, court mediation, binding arbitration among other specialized arbitration services..

Our lawyers handle some of the most complex, high-valued and strategically important arbitrations, working closely with our clients to determine and achieve their commercial objectives in a quick and cost-effective manner.


Lets see what we do :

• Searching, analyzing Information, intelligence, and raw data that can have evidentiary potential or prove  to be useful in negotiating a settlement or reaching an agreement.

• Conducting forensic accounting reviews of financial records.

• Pre-arbitration and post-award research

• E-discovery.

• Documents review services

• Deposition summarization

• Legal data searching and analyzing

• Coordination between in house corporate legal team and external law firm.


Why hire us for your Arbitration Services  ?

1. Relevance review.

2. Confidentiality assessment.

3. Highly economical options.

4. Flexible Engagement.

5. Trained and certified team.

6. We do not beat around the bush and get you what you want.


You will be getting the above services and guess what ! We offer discounts and competitive pricing as well.