Patent Proofreading

Patent proofreading identifies and corrects inconsistencies that would otherwise go unnoticed. The scope of a patent can be erroneous. The scope of a claim can be erroneous. There may be grammar errors, there may be errors in the enabling invention. There may be errors in defining the constituents of the drawings invention. As a service, we provide a comprehensive report showing any errors, discrepancies, and suggestions for correction, as well as a certificate of correction (if needed). Proofreading by our professional proofreaders identifies errors and omissions early on.

It is possible to proofread a patent application at multiple stages, such as at the application filing stage, after an application has been published, before the grant of the patent, and after the grant of the patent, as well as at the PCT application.

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With Virtue Legal Services, the following assurances are made to you:

  • We manually verify each claim set.
  • A cross check is conducted of all the information on the front page including inventors, titles, prior art references, against citations in IDS.
  • There were zero redundant technical, grammatical, and writing mistakes.
  • In the case of issued patents, visual inspection is carried out on all illustrations to verify that they are valid and correct (including the reference numbers/characters used in the description).
  • Verifying that the patent reflects the latest and most accurate drawings.
  • Identifying that all amendments made during the trial are reflected in the issued patent, by comparing every paragraph in the requirement that was issued and the requirement that was filed.
  • Analyzing the most recent patent claims with the claims that were issued.
  • Making sure every claim is properly integrated according to the renumbering accessible in the trial history.
  • Grammar Technical compliance support
  • Regarding the structure and scope of claims