Patent Drafting (Provisional & Non-Provisional)

In a patent draft, you will find technical information presented in a legal format. This document serves two primary functions: (a) establishing novelty, and (b) establishing an invention's innovation or degree of non-obviousness. Creating a specification that describes the invention clearly and concisely is the art of specification writing. The application includes several sections, such as a summary of the invention, an explanation of the technical field, and a list of any drawings that were submitted with it. The application concludes with a detailed description of the invention.

Domain Expertise








Specifications provisoire

In the event that a patent application is decided to be filed, a first patent specification is filed as a provisional patent application. Provisional applications are used to establish a priority date as a method for establishing the priority of the invention.

The patent specification in its entirety

After the provisional application has been filed, the patent applicant is required to prepare the complete patent specification within 12 months of filing the provisional.

To file in USPTO, EPO, JPO, PCT, India, and other countries, we create complete/provisional and non-provisional draft documents that meet your specifications.