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Providing litigation support services to businesses

In business litigation, companies and other parties are engaged in legal disputes. Often, it is also used to refer to the process through which companies are defended when accused of misconduct or sued for any number of reasons.


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Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Handling disputes arising from contract negotiations or interpretations
  • Acting for a client in a breach of contract dispute
  • Handling strategic business partnerships and interdependent business operations
  • Consulting, representation, and litigation in the area of employment law
  • Addressing concerns related to issues raised by company shareholders

The majority of business disputes can be resolved rapidly and without court involvement, which reduces financial costs as well as emotional stress.

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

It is an alternative method of resolving disputes.

Getting involved in mediation or arbitration before proceeding to court is a viable option to consider.

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Third-party mediators are neutral in the matter and help all parties come to a voluntary agreement. All parties will have the opportunity to speak about their views and arguments with the mediator. Afterward, he or she will work to facilitate a mutually beneficial agreement between the parties. A mediated settlement agreement will be necessary only if the parties can come to an agreement. The mediation process will be most effective with legal representation. By utilizing the services of a business attorney, you will know your rights. You will ensure that any agreement you conclude is in your best interests and that it is legally binding and enforceable.

A dispute may be settled through arbitration (e.g. Regional Council called for arbitration as Arbitrator):

During an arbitration, disputing parties appear before an arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators. The arbitrators decide how the dispute should be resolved after each party presents its case in the same way they would in court. The decision of the arbitrator is final. Arbitration is sometimes compared to proceeding to court, but it is typically much quicker than litigation. When you enter into an arbitration contract, you should always be represented by an attorney.

During an ongoing civil or criminal legal matter, litigation lawyers represent either the defendant or the plaintiff. They also assist in the resolution of business disputes arising from numerous business activities.

Virtue Legal Services offers a wide range of professional arbitration services, including mediation. Other specialized arbitration services include identifying alternative solutions towards dispute resolution, tying various scenarios to legality, and proceeding with diligence, court mediation, and binding arbitration, among others.