Knock-Out Search

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The best references or a couple of those references is enough to determine that a claim does not qualify for novelty or that the idea behind it is obvious. Results for this search can be triggered with a much more rapid turnaround than of a standard patentability/novelty search. An effective way to distinguish inventions that are novel and worth investing in is through Knockout Search, which is the fast and cost-effective way to undertake a confirmatory search before investing in the drafting and filing of a patent.

Patentability searches are conducted to identify prior art that is "knocking out" the provided disclosure using the knock-out patentability search. This search is fast, limited in scope, and affordable. When you perform a knock-out search, you are scanning patent databases and publicly available sources for prior art that is identical or highly similar.

We provide our clients with a quick and easy way to check if their invention has the potential to be patented by performing Knockout searches that focus specifically on the novelty aspect of their invention. We search commercial patent databases and limit our search to three major filing jurisdictions: the United States, the European Union, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Besides patent applications and issued patents in the US and foreign patent offices, our specialists review a range of relevant non-patent literature, such as journal articles, scientific reports, magazines, blogs, and forums.

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